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Signs and Symptoms

Any of the following signs or symptoms may suggest the need for speech-language evaluation:

  • 18 months of age or older and not speaking
  • 24 months of age or older and still speaking in single words
  • 3 years old and not speaking in sentences that others can understand
  • 4 or 5 years old and sometimes difficult to understand
  • A child of any age who doesn’t understand and follow directions as well as his peers
  • Poor grammar and sentence structure compared to peers
  • Limited vocabulary compared to peers
  • A school-age child who is socially inappropriate, doesn’t know how to carry on a conversation with friends
  • A child age 5 or older who is struggling in school, especially with reading and reading comprehension
  • A child age 6 or older who cannot pronounce /r/ , /s/, or other phonemes
  • Frequent stuttering at any age
  • Chronically hoarse, raspy voice quality at any age

For more detailed information about the signs and symptoms of various types of communication disorders, and how to help your child, click on this link: